Sticky Divider Notes - Neon Colored

Sticky Divider Notes, Neon Colored, 60 Count - Premium 4 x 6 Self Adhesive Tabbed Markers, 4x6 Ruled Panel, No Residue, For Business and Home Office


Do you often take notes, whether for business, work or studying?

Rather than large sticky notes, would you prefer a set of self-adhesive, convenient tabbed divider notes?

If so, Aimoh’s Sticky Divider Notes are the perfect choice! Ideal for indexing, Aimoh’s notes are designed with a convenient, ruled, tabbed marker perfect for dividing and marking pages, books and documents!

Each set provides a long lasting, 60 note supply and uses durable self-adhesive, in six bright Neon colours, allowing you to easily peel and stick, and reposition each divider without leaving a sticky residue.

Aimoh’s Divider Notes are a premium product, with a number of key benefits:

- Large, 4x6 ruled marker notes.
- Convenient marker tabs for dividing and organizing.
- 60 dividers in each pack, ideal for business use.
- Premium self-adhesive for easy sticking and repositioning without residue.
- Durable and long lasting, won’t easily tear or peel.
- Assorted bright Neon colours.

If you’re tired of large sticky notes that easily peel and tear, and would like a convenient, durable set of Sticky Dividers with long lasting adhesive and convenient tabbed markers, Aimoh’s Sticky Divider Notes are the perfect choice!

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