Invoice Envelopes - Double Window - GUMMED

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Business Invoice envelopes offer the ultimate in protection, privacy and confidentiality when mailing invoice documents. Interior security tint conceals personal information from onlookers, while the gummed closure seals tightly to prevent breakage or tampering during transport. The woven paper can stand up to considerable wear and tear. These Invoice envelopes are standardized to suit common business invoice layouts, with the windows placed just right to properly display sender and receiver details.

- Double-window security-tinted envelope for standard business invoices
- White 24lb wove paper protects against damage during transport
- Measures 3 7/8" H x 8 7/8" W
- Gummed closure with commercial flap secures envelope contents
- 500 invoice envelopes per box

Use these double-window envelopes to mail business invoices, displaying the sender and receiver addresses without revealing other document details.

Enhanced Privacy Features
Protect sensitive client information with these security-tinted envelopes. The soft-black pattern lining the envelope's interior makes it impossible to see the details of the contents, even when held up to the light. Mail invoices and other important documents with confidence.

Tamper-Resistant Design
Seal these envelopes with the gummed flap closure. Once sealed, the flap easily shows evidence of tampering. The durable, woven paper extends the tampering resistance of this envelope, standing up to normal postal wear and tear without damage.

Convenient Double Window
Display the sender and receiver addresses through the double window openings. Positioned to fit most invoice address layouts, these openings are a convenient way to make sure the invoice is delivered straight into the customer's hands.