#9 Envelopes - Double Window - SELF-SEAL - Security Tinted


Do you find most everyday business envelopes are thin and allow contents to be easily read?
Would you like a super secure, premium security envelope with extra strong, quick seals?

If so, Aimoh’s #9 Double Window QUICK-SEAL Envelopes are the perfect envelopes for you!
Rather than cheap, easily opened gummed seals, these premium Double Window Security Envelopes are designed
with ultra secure, quick seals which are pre-treated with super secure adhesive across the width of the envelope
for strength, allowing you to simply fill and seal, producing an ultra secure seal that won’t accidentally tear or open in transit, perfect for larger documents!
Designed for ultra secure business mailings, each of aimoh's #9 Security Envelopes are printed with a tinted, secure internal wave pattern producing a premium
security tint which thoroughly obscures the contents and details, perfect for securely mailing invoices, statements and other sensitive business documents!

Each envelope contains two front windows, a 1-3/16" X 3-1/2" top window positioned 3/8" from the left and 2" from the bottom and the bottom 1 X 4" window is 3/8" from the left and 1/2" from the bottom!

Aimoh's #9 Envelopes are a premium product with a number of key security features:

- Large, easily read dual front windows, ideal for statements, mailings and invoices.
- Tinted security pattern fully obscures contents, protecting data and details.
- Extra strong quick seal adhesive, for the strongest, secure envelope seal.
- Ideal for standard business and legal documents measuring 3-7/8 x 8-7/8.
- Extra long lasting 500 envelope supply in every box.

Aimoh's #9 Security Envelopes are the perfect choice, with premium, tinted security patterns and ultra secure, quick seals for secure mailing that won’t accidentally tear or open!