The notebooks that hold a secret

Owned by Sam Paltz, 21,
Medical Student.

Sam purchased this notebook on Amazon for $9.99 and then sold it for $2.7 million!

How did he do it?

While reading his notes on a class he took on surgery incisions, Sam worried that his incisions wouldn’t be accurate. He began sketching a contraption that combined a laser pointer and a knife. He proposed his idea to his professor who then pitched it to investors. Sam’s little sketch sold for 2.7 million dollars and made him the richest student on campus!

Owned by Debbie Weissman, 41,
Stay at Home Mom

Debbie is a mom of 4, the youngest a baby of only 8 months old. Debbie used her notebook to jot down anything and everything. From grocery lists to school notes, her notebook was a beautiful mess of mom life.

Scattered between those lists and reminders were Debbie’s fashion sketches; a secret passion she had never pursued. But her latest sketch of a reversible shirt got Debbie excited that maybe she can actually do something with this. She submitted her design to a local fashion competition and won first place. Now she balances home and work in that one slender notebook.

Owned by Paul Kin, 16,
High School Student

Paul is the classic daydreamer. While his teachers spoke of the Revolution or Alliteration, he doodled in his notebook. Once, as the art teacher passed his desk, he got a glimpse of the incredible cartoons that Paul was drawing. Political and cultural themes came to life in that humble notebook. Paul’s teacher pushed him to submit the cartoons to the local newspaper and now his work is featured on a weekly basis!

What’s in your notebook?


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