#10 Envelopes - No Window - GUMMED - Security Tinted


Do you have a large volume of secure business mailing, and would like premium, security tinted envelopes to protect contents?

Aimoh’s custom security tint protects your personal information as well as your customer's. Privacy and confidentiality are critical
for all business and legal transactions, so you need an envelope that meets your standards.
These envelopes allow you to send out advertisements, invoices, special offers, and more, while maintaining an image of professionalism.
Your customers will be suspicious of unprofessional mail, but now, you can ensure that more letters will be opened, leading to more sales, opportunities, and relationships.

Aimoh’s #10 Security Tinted Gummed Envelopes are the perfect business envelopes for you! Designed with a windowless flat front and security tint pattern,
our #10 envelopes are perfect for secure business and everyday mailing, offering premium protection for sensitive data and information, and can be easily hand or label addressed!

Our #10 Security Tinted Gummed Envelopes are a premium choice with a number of key benefits:

- Large, windowless design, perfect for hand addressing.
- Security tinted pattern, perfect for protecting sensitive information.
- Perfect for thicker and larger documents.
- Gummed closure with commercial flap secures envelope contents.
- Long lasting 500 envelope supply in every box, perfect for everyday use.

In the modern world of business, too many people have forgotten the value of an old-fashioned letter. Simply by reaching your customers
through the mail, you are instantly placing yourself in their homes, providing a physical reminder of your products and services.
A letter is much harder to ignore than an email, Our #10 Security Tinted Gummed Envelopes are the perfect choice!