Always working towards better

Aimoh™ has earned global recognition
for quality that delivers in the office and beyond


Thoughtfully designed products meet the needs of executives, office workers and students alike


High-performance paper goods are skillfully reinforced so they resist tearing, wrinkling and fade


State-of- the-art machinery and efficient practices help us keep costs down while keeping quality up

We make quality our job

To create professional-grade products without sacrificing value, our craftsmen source premium
materials from the most ethical papermakers in the industry

image of pile of folders in paper factory

Reputable paper mills

True quality means maintaining high standards of consistency, color, fiber and finish. We’re proud to work with the world’s finest factories that uphold rigorous criteria when it comes to accuracy, brightness, strength, and source of materials. By procuring the most finessed recycled papers from both local and foreign mills, we ensure the absolute best end product for everything bearing the Aimoh™ seal.

image of pile of folders in paper factory

World-class machinery

Once we’ve handpicked the perfect materials for our distinguished collection, Aimoh™ innovators turn to state-of- the-art manufacturing equipment to finish the job. Every last batch is then examined and tested for peak performance. Before landing on your desk, our supplies are carefully packaged for safe travel. Remember: we trust in our dependable process, but if there’s ever a problem, we honor a 100% money-back guarantee.